Local and seasonal produce, modern techniques and ever-evolving innovative combinations.

Two chefs who live more than 10,000 km apart but who share values, a premise and the same concepts.On October 16, Jorge Vallejo and Alejandra Flores will open Quintonil's doors (Nº 24, World's 50 Best Restaurant) to receive one of the most brilliant representatives of modern Russian cuisine: Vladimir Mukhin, chef at White Rabbit (Nº 13, World's 50 Best Restaurants), a powerful and bold restaurant located under a glass dome in the 16th floor of a building in Moscow.

Make a reservation to enjoy this unique experience that brings together 2 chefs of the World's 50 Best Restaurants.

Place: Mexico City

Address: 55 Newton St., Polanco

Time: 8:00 PM

Four-hand menu coordinated by chefs Jorge Vallejo (Mexico) and Vladimir Mukhin (Moscow, Russia) $5,000 (Mexican pesos)

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