Emma Bengtsson

Aquavit - New York

Emma Bengtsson grew up in a small town on the west coast of Sweden, where she became interested in culinary arts at a young age while learning alongside her grandmother, who was an avid home cook. Prior to moving to New York, Emma worked at some of Sweden’s most renowned restaurants, including the two-Michelin starred Edsbacka Krog, Restaurant Prinsen, and Operakällaren. In 2014, Bengtsson was named executive chef of Aquavit in New York, after four years as executive pastry chef at the restaurant. As Aquavit’s executive chef, she has garnered and retained three stars from the The New York Times and became the first Swedish woman to earn two Michelin stars, only the second female chef to do so in the U.S.



Spring Barley and Vegetables
Emma Bengtsson