Squash curry



120 MIN

Preparation time




For the curry sauce
100 g of butternut squash purée
25 g of green curry
300 g of crème fraîche
35 g of green oil
1 dash of lemon juice
Salt, as needed

For the squash fettuccine
1 kg of kabocha squash

For the green oil
100 g of vegetable oil
A handful of huacatay leaves

For the butternut squash purée

1 k of butternut squash, peeled
150 g of white onions, chopped
25 g of garlic cloves
75 g of vegetable oil
500 ml of fresh milk
50 g of unsalted butter
Salt, as needed

For the squash seeds
Fresh squash seeds

Step by Step

For the curry sauce
· Mix all the ingredients and season to taste.

For the squash fettuccine
· Peel the kabocha squash.
· Using a vegetable peeler, cut the squash into lengthwise ribbons.
· Cut the ribbons into futtuccine shape lengthwise and set aside.

For the green oil
· Blend the two ingredients in a blender until smooth.
· Strain the mixed ingredients using a fine sieve.
· Reserve only the oil without impurities.

For the butternut squash purée

· Prepare a dressing with the oil, the onion and the garlic.
· Add the squash and cook with the milk.
· Once cooked, blend until you get a smooth purée.
· Finish with butter and salt as needed.

For the squash seeds

· Wash the seeds and cut them in half.
· Use the white part of the seed only.

For the assembly of the plate
· Season the futtuccine with olive oil and salt, and serve in a plate similar to the one shown in the picture.
· Heat the curry sauce and serve with the fettuccine.
· Garnish with squash seeds and shoots to taste.