Pamela Villar

Yeite - Buenos Aires

Chef Pamela Villar started her training in El Ateneo in 1994, where she got a degree in Technical Gastronomic Business Management. Among her teachers of the technical degree and of other courses she took at the same time, there were great chefs and pastry chefs, such as Christophe Krywonis, Osvaldo Gross, Alicia Berguer, Beatriz Chomnalez and Dolli Irigoyen.
Villar continued her training abroad; she has worked in London (Maids of Honor), Florence (Il Lordo) and New York (Boule Bakery, Vandam). She then returned to Buenos Aires and joined the team of Gran Bar Danzón, and later she became a pastry consultant for Uriarte and Sucre. Her work as consultant continues up to date. She has also participated in the creation and curation of menus of several restaurants, hotels and companies, both in Argentina and abroad.

Villar has written 2 books: “Postres para alegrar la vida” (V&R publishing house) and “Dulce 24 HS” (Planeta publishing house); she was a teacher for 3 years, until 2015; and has had a growing career on TV since 2005. Villar has participated in several TV programs in El Gourmet channel, such as Bakery, Bakery 2, Carta de postres, Gourmet Responde and Recetas de Familia; she has also been invited to participate in FOX channel (Utilísima) and Discovery Home and Health channel (El desafío de Buddy). In 2018, 2020 and 2021 she was a judge in the popular TV reality show Bake Off.

Villar is part of the Association of Chefs and Entrepreneurs of to Argentine Gastronomy (ACELGA, for its Spanish acronym) and she participates with this organization in important food fairs, such as MASTICAR. In 2014, together with Jessica Trosman y Josefina Villar, her sister, she opened YEITE, a restaurant located in Villa Crespo neighborhood.
In 2021, Villar is planning to launch a new pastry project called SUIT SUIT in bajo Belgrano neighborhood, in Buenos Aires.



Pastry cheese cream choux donuts and quince
Pamela Villar