Fatih Tutak

Turk  - Istambul

Chef Fatih Tutak was born and raised in Istanbul, and after his apprenticeship with the avant-garde cuisine under Paul Pairet and in some of the city’s finest hotels and restaurants, he worked his way around South East Asia, Russia, China, Japan and Denmark. With time spent in Copenhagen under Rene Redzepi at Noma; in Tokyo with Seiji Yamamoto at Nihonryori Ryugin and in the iconic resort hotel, Marina Bay Sands in Singapore, he headed to China’s port cities of Qingdao, Beijing and Hong Kong, before settling in Bangkok as Head Chef at The Dining Room of The House on Sathorn. For two years, 2017 and 2018, he led his talented team to international accreditation, both in the ranking of Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants List (No.36 in 2017) and in the Thailand Michelin Guide 2018-19. He returned to Turkey in December 2019 and opened his first restaurant TURK Fatih Tutak in Istanbul.



Strawberry - Basil - Buffalo Milk Yoghurt
Fatih Tutak