Patrice Demers

Patrice Pâtissier - Montreal

Chef Patrice Demers is a Canadian pastry chef, passionate about restaurants and pastry for many years. In 1999, Demers decided to enroll in cooking school. After his training in pastry and in professional cooking, he worked for more than 15 years in some of Montreal’s best restaurants, such as Leméac, Les Chèvres, Les 400 Coups, creating desserts in which sugar never dominated and fruits and acidity played an important part.

In 2014, alongside his wife, Marie-Josée Beaudoin, he opened his own pastry shop: Patrice Pâtissier near Atwater Market in Montreal. In his pastry lab, Demers creates desserts using local and seasonal ingredients and gives pastry classes, once a week, in the evening. For the past 8 years, Demers has been also giving professional pastry classes for the Valrhona chocolate brand.

Demers also hosted his own t.v. show "Les Desserts de Patrice" for 5 seasons on Canal Vie, with the aim to share his passion for pastry. In 2018, he published his fourth pastry book "Parcours Sucré". Some of his recipes have been published in magazines like "So Good" and "Fou de Pâtisserie". He's also been invited three times to Paris to give demonstrations at the Omnivore Food Festival. Demers had the honour to be named Best Pastry Chef in Québec in 2018 by the Lauriers Gala. In 2019, Ladurée chose him to collaborate on their new Christmas Collection sold all over the world.

Maple and Buckwheat Cake
Patrice Demers