Strawberry - Basil - Buffalo Milk Yoghurt



120 MIN

Preparation time




Small wild strawberries 50 pcs

For the meringue
Sugar 100g
Water 25g
Egg white 50g
Buffalo milk yoghurt 270 g

Ingredients for strawberry jus
Strawberry 300g
Elderflower syrup 50g
Elderflower Liquor 10g

For Granita of Basil
Basil leaves 300g
Simple syrup 400g
Water 400g
Xanthan gum 2g
Crushed ice 100g
Ascorbic acid 1g

Step by Step

1. Remove the heads off the strawberries and grill them on a charcoal grill. Don’t make them too dry; just give them some quick colour and remove them.

1. Put the water and sugar together in a pot and bring to heat at 120ºC to create a syrup.
2. Whip the egg whites.
3. Pour the syrup into the whipped egg whites very slowly while mixing. Mix them until it cools down.
4. Finally, mix with the buffalo milk yoghurt.
5. in the freezer to set.

Strawberry jus
1. Slice the strawberries and put them in a heatproof bowl.
2. Add the Elderflower Syrup and Liquor.
3. Cover with cling film and put on a bain-marie for 2 hours.
4. Strain and take the jus.
5. Then reduce the liquor by 50%, by keeping the jus in low fire.

Basil Granita
1. Blanch the basil leaves and dry them well.
2. Blend at high speed with the other ingredients.
3. Pour in a tray and keep in the freezer.
4. When it’s frozen, scratch with a fork and collect the granita in a bowl for serving.

1. Put 30 g of meringue on each plate.
2. Colour the meringue with a blowtorch (if you have one).
3. Spoon over some of the strawberry jus.
4. Place the grilled strawberries on top and top with the granita.
5. You can add basil tips for extra decoration.