Apple Harumaki



60 MIN

Preparation time




Brown sugar 100g
Granulated sugar 100g
Butter 30g
Lemon juice 60g
Vanilla bean 1/2pcs
Fuji apples 1kg
Filo paste 10pcs
Egg yolk

Cinnamon cream cheese
Cream cheese 140g
Sugar 20g
Cinnamon powder 1g

Butter 30g
Sugar 30g
Flour 40g
Almond powder 40g

Caramel sauce
Sugar 125g
Cream 80g
Milk 75g
Maldon salt 2g

Vanilla Ice cream
Milk 600g
Cream 400g
Yolk 300g
Sugar 200g
Vanilla bean 1pc

Step by Step

1. Peel, remove the seeds and cut the apples in cubes 3cm square.
2. Cook the sugar into a blond caramel and add the lemon juice, vanilla and the butter.
3. Cook a little bit more, whisking to get it homogeneous.
4. Add the apples, stir and cook, caramelizing until you can plant the knife without resistance in the apple.
5. Drain in the colander and cool down in the fridge1-2H
6. Take your phyllo leaf, put your apples in line 15cm long, roll and close brushing with egg yolk.

Cinnamon cream cheese
1. Mix all the ingredients gently until soft, put in a piping bag.

1. All the ingredients at room temperature.
2. Mix smooth with the hand or with the paddle in the mixer until crumbly texture and spread in parchment paper.
3. Cook at 160 degrees in your oven until blond golden color is around 15 minutes.

Caramel sauce
1. Cook the sugar in a pan, stirring until it melts and becomes a blond caramel color.
2. Remove from the heat and add your warm liquid (milk, cream, salt).
3. Give a good boil whisking for 20-30 second.
4. Cool down, store in the fridge.

Vanilla ice cream
If you have a very good brand in the Market, then it makes sense to use it directly since most of the people do not have the required tools to make it at home. But if you feel adventurous, here is a little recipe !

1. Cook all the ingredients at 85 degrees, pour on another container over ice to cool down the mix quickly.
2. Maturate with the vanilla bean overnight.
4. The day after, remove the vanilla bean and put in your ice cream machine until smooth texture.
5. Don’t overchurn or the ice cream will start to grain. Better less than too much.

1. Fry the Harumaki at 170 degrees, roll in sugar cinnamon, cut in 3 and set it on your plate nicely.
2. To be served with the vanilla ice cream quenelle on the vanilla crumble.
3. Pipe the cream cheese sauce in drops with a piping bag and drizzle the caramel sauce.