Chocolate Sesame Babka Flower



480 MIN

Preparation time




For the dough:
Milk 150g
Cream 100g
Fresh yeast 50g
Sugar 130g
Salt 10g
Eggs 160g
Flour 800g
Soft Butter 140g
Chilled butter for folding 230g

For the Pate a tartiner
Gianduja 450g
Praline 540g
Milk powder 25g
Cacao powder 35g
Hazelnut paste 80g
Dark chocolate 100g
Vanilla 10g

Also needed: Caramelized sesame 90g

For the Syrup
Water 120g
Sugar 110g

Step by Step

Making the dough
1. Mix all ingredients apart from the butter and knead until the dough stops sticking.
2. Slowly add the soft butter (140gr) and knead until the dough stops sticking again.
3. Leave the dough to proof for 30 minutes. Then cool it in the fridge for 4 hours (or overnight).
4. Using a rolling pin, create a rectangle out of the chilled butter. For this process, the butter needs to remain hard, so you should try to work fast. If the butter starts melting, place it in the freezer for around 20 minutes, then get it out and complete the process.
How to shape the butter:
    a. Place the butter between two sheets of parchment paper
    b. Beat it with the rolling pin to flatten it out
    c. Roll the rolling pin over the butter to create the rectangle.
5.Incorporate the dough and the butter:
    a. Using the rolling pin shape the dough into a rectangle
    b. Place the butter rectangle on top of the dough and fold
First fold: Fold to a third: Fold the right side of the rectangle to the middle, then overlap at the middle using the left side of the dough. Gently use the rolling pin to flatten the dough to a rectangle again. If necessary, put it in the freezer for 20 minutes. This will make it easier to handle.
Second fold: Repeat the same process as described in the First Fold.
Third fold: Fold the rectangle to a fourth, folding the right and left side at the same time, touching at the middle (not overlapping). Then fold one side over the other. Flatten it again to obtain a rectangle of 50cm x 30 cm. (Continues in “Assembly”).

Making the Pate a tartiner
1. In a bain marie (water bath) melt together gianduja and chocolate.
2. Mix all the ingredients on a stand mixer.
Please note the caramelized sesame seeds do not need to be mixed on this step. You will use them on assembly, together with the Pate a tartiner.

1. Using a roll pin, you shaped your dough into a 50cm x 30cm rectangle.
2. Spread the chocolate Pate a tartiner and the caramelized sesame over the dough. Before you do this, make sure the mixture is not hot, since it would loosen up the dough.
3. Cut the rough edges and then cut the rectangle into 4 pieces.
4. Roll each piece over itself.
5. Wrap each roll in film and freeze until the preparation is firm.
6. Cut each roll in round pieces 1cm wide.
7. Place one round next to the other in a line, open side facing to the right. Each round will be touching and overlapping a little bit with the next piece, creating a chain. Use 2 of the 4 rolls per cake. You will be creating 2 cakes.
8.Give a small press to the “chains” with the rolling pin and then roll over them to stick them together (not too hard, don’t flatten them).
9. Roll the line from left to right, tight. Then repeat with the other line.
10. Place each dough into a 16 ring, brush with egg and leave it to proof for 2 hours or until they double their size.
11. Brush with egg again and bake at 190ºC for 20 minutes.
12. Brush with syrup immediately.

Decorate with chocolate over the flower. You can also melt it with a heat gun if you have one at home.