Earl Grey Warabi Mochi



90 MIN

Preparation time




For the brandy sauce:
Granulated sugar 100g
Water 30g
Brandy 85g

For the Earl Grey flavored Warabi Mochi:
Water 450g
Earl Grey 15g
Bracken starch (Warabi flour) or cornstarch 50g
Sugar 80g
Bamboo leaves
Kinako (roasted soybean flour)

Step by Step

Brandy sauce:

1. Put water and sugar in a pot and heat.

2. When it becomes caramelized, remove from heat and add brandy little by little.

Earl Grey Flavored Warabi Mochi:

1. Boil water in a saucepan, add Earl Grey, leave for 10 minutes, and strain.

2. Add bracken starch and stir until the starch is dissolved, then heat again.

3. Stir frequently with a wooden spoon. When the mixture becomes transparent, transfer it to a bat and let it cool.

4. Divide into 10 equal portions and wrap in bamboo leaves.

When eating, sprinkle it with Kinako (roasted soybean flour) and brandy sauce.