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#AmexGlobalDesigners / Hong Kong

Angus Tsui

Studying Fashion Design at Nottingham Trent University and Fashion Design and Development at the Hong Kong Design Institute, Tsui was inspired to bridge high fashion with sustainability. Working closely with up-cycling pioneers Orsola de Castro and Ada Zanditon in London, he learned the craft of sustainable design techniques and continues to incorporate these into his work today. Tsui established his own educational charity project, ANCares, which coordinates workshops, seminars and exhibitions on the topic of sustainability with NGOs such as St. James Settlement, Friends of the Earth and Redress. He has worked directly with companies such as Swire Properties, Cathay Pacific and H&M to create upcycled accessories via sustainable processes. Among other awards, Tsui has received the Common Objective Prize at the 2017 EcoChic Design Awards and the 2014 Hong Kong Young Design Talent Award. Inspired by human adaptation, ANGUS TSUI designs transcend traditional silhouettes, and juxtapose pattern, texture and colour to emerge as otherworldly artistic expressions. Every design is a defiant statement to live with purpose and passion, and to preserve the resources and environment of our home.