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#AmexGlobalDesigners / Brazil

Juliana Affonso Ferreira - ISOLDA

ISOLDA is a multicultural Brazilian brand named after a beautiful love story - Juju's great-grandfather, Alceu Amoroso Lima, literary critic and member of the Brazilian Literary Academy who wrote under the pseudonym Tristão de Athayde and lovingly called his wife Maria Teresa de Faria from 'Isolde', influenced by Celtic legend and Wagner's opera 'Tristan and Isolde'. In 2011 the brand was created by Juliana Affonso Ferreira (Juju), together with her sister and a friend, while studying and living in London. And in 2020 Juju took over 100% of the company, reinforcing the bet on slow fashion - valorization of vintage fabric, reuse of materials, minimizing waste and limited and exclusive collections - summarized in the brand's Manifesto. Daughter of a Brazilian father and an English mother, Juju grew up in a diverse cultural context and her experiences travelling around the world had a profound influence on her professional life and on the DNA of ISOLDA. ISOLDA has a young, free, tropical-chic spirit that attracts a diverse group of influential women around the world, including princesses, pop stars, influencers, actresses, models and journalists